iCAN is one of Finland’s R&D flagships funded by the Academy of Finland, and the founding hosts University of Helsinki and HUS Helsinki University Hospital.  We are based on the Meilahti medical campus – a major hub of health sciences in Europe with first Nordic OECI-accredited Comprehensive Cancer Center at HUS, and cutting-edge cancer research at the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM/HiLIFE.

The iCAN Digital Precision Cancer Medicine Cluster contains the iCAN Flagship Project – a large pan-cancer public-private research partnership  – as well as other R&D projects aligned with the iCAN aims and carried out by iCAN partners for discoveries, innovations, and improved treatments in this area. iCAN operates in close collaboration with a broad range of organizations, both nationally and internationally. Patients are represented at all levels and citizen engagement is encouraged through co-creational activities. Broad collaboration ensures that high-quality research spurs innovations and applications that benefit patients and the society at large.

How iCAN is governed

iCAN is governed by a Steering Board with guidance from an international Scientific and Impact Advisory Board and from a Patient and Citizen Advisory Board.

iCAN is governed by a Steering Board with representation from all partners. Execution is at the responsibility of the Executive Officer, Scientific Director, Executive Committee and teams and working groups.