The iCAN ecosystem is embedded in a unique environment that supports the translation of genomics and clinical big data into innovations. It brings together multidisciplinary expertise in cancer genomics, translational and clinical cancer research, digital health, information technology, machine learning and business to solve one of the most pressing challenges of our time – cancer.

The high-quality health data in Finland, together with strong science and supportive legislation provide an excellent framework for the development of the iCAN ecosystem with current and new partners.

Our approach is to keep the patient in the focus in all activities. We do this through closely collaborating with patient and citizen representatives, mostly importantly through the iCAN Patient and Citizen Advisory Board

Partnering with iCAN

At the center of the research ecosystem is the iCAN discovery platform that connects molecular profiling with patients’ health data. The linked, longitudinal data is available to life science and pharmaceutical industry partners through a variety of research collaborations.

Depending on the collaboration objectives, iCAN offers a range of engagement models for organizations in the life science and industry:

  • A public-private-partnership as a main collaborative framework where partners participate in the research activities of the Flagship project and planning the study.
  • Case-specific projects, with companies providing supportive or synergistic services/technologies, enabling utilization of the discovery platform, e.g. as a pilot or co-developing environment.
  • Membership to utilize iCAN ecosystem for networking purposes.

Contact us to learn more about these collaboration opportunities and how iCAN can help your organisation accelerate innovation.