Providing benefits for cancer patients is a cross-cutting objective of iCAN. This is accomplished in two ways. Firstly, through the acceleration of scientific discovery in cancer care, diagnostics and treatment. And secondly, through systematic, proactive interaction with the cancer patient and carer community.

Cancer patients are engaged through participation at all stages of iCAN to ensure research quality, relevance, and effective dissemination and application of the results. The purpose is to ensure relevance and impact of the project for cancer patients.

Patient representatives have been incorporated at all levels of the iCAN governance structure. The Patient and Citizen Advisory Board (PCAB, POTKU in Finnish) enables patients and researchers to share their perspectives and priorities and facilitates two-way interaction and dialogue. The ten members of the PCAB act as a link between the broader public, citizens, cancer patients and patient organizations and the iCAN research, management and project teams. They are based in various parts of Finland and represent several cancer patient organizations.