iCAN has an ambitious plan to provide scientific, economic, educational, and other societal impacts through both the large pan-cancer study as well as through supporting activities in the iCAN ecosystem​

Its goal is to create a center of excellence for individual cancer medicine that is open to everyone and brings the right people together – researchers, patients and companies. iCAN forms a network-like platform that utilizes an extensive database of data produced together. ​

iCAN is designed to advance science and medicine and solutions for cancer treatment and the central purpose of iCAN is to provide benefits to cancer patients. This will be achieved by:​

  • Launching the flagship project that Integrates molecular profiling and digital health care approaches on a collaborative shared discovery platform for breakthrough research and technologies​
  • a discovery platform enabling analysis of both omics and digital health data across several indications and identifying novel targets and biomarkers for diagnostics and can be leveraged for launching of adaptive clinical trials. Platform develops actionable information to patients on best treatments that could be used in the clinics; ​
  • Fostering the development of a patient-centric research and innovation hub in digital precision cancer medicine through support of ongoing activities, new partnerships and engagement in national and international initiatives.   ​

iCAN leverages the Finnish national strengths

Finland is regarded for many reasons as a highly successful environment for medical research that uses population samples and data. Finland offers  a modern environment for medical research that uses population samples and data:

  • Unified social and healthcare system
  • All hospital health records are electronic
  • Finland has 100 years of health records, cancer register since 1953.
  • Finns have an unique personal ID following individuals, allows data connections
  • HUS hospital has one of the largest data lakes in the world
  • Finland has GDPR compliant supportive legislation for research also considering ethical and privacy aspects
  • Citizens are engaged and digi-savvy