FCAI x iCAN workshop

FCAI x iCAN workshop

The iCAN-FCAI workshop will bring together top researchers from both flagships, with the goal to present and discuss issues from ongoing research and collaboratively find AI-based solutions. There will be an introduction and (short) presentations both from FCAI and iCAN and time for networking afterwards.


14:00 Coffee, Introduction by Harri Lähdesmäki (FCAI) & Esa Pitkänen (iCAN)

14:10 Imre Västrik (iCAN)

iCAN, but can you? Soon you will too.

14:20 Vilja Pietiäinen (iCAN)

Machine learning -guided selection and analysis of patient -derived cancer cells

14:30 Louis Filstroff (FCAI)

Targeted active learning for Bayesian decision-making, with application to precision medicine

14:40 Dmitrii Bychkov (iCAN)

Deep learning for biomarker and outcome prediction in cancer

14:50 Joel Honkamaa (FCAI)

Cross-modality image synthesis with application to virtual staining of histopatological images

15:00 Pirjo Laakkonen (iCAN)

Dissecting crosstalk between tumor and non-tumor cells in brain

15:10 Samuel Kaski (FCAI)

Cooperative machine learning assistance for decision making and experimental design

15:20 Jing Tang (iCAN)

Network pharmacology approaches for drug discovery in precision cancer medicine

15:30 Closing words

15:45 – 16:30 Free discussions, sparkling wine & snacks


The workshop will take place at the Biomedicum 1 in Seminar room 1-2, P-floor, C-Wing


Follow the event online: https://helsinki.zoom.us/s/68291785194