Aims & Approach

The overarching aims of the iCAN Flagship Project are to understand the cross-talk between tumor cells and host and to thereby identify actionable targets and develop digital diagnostics and therapeutics. Read more about the public subprojects initiated in 2023.

The large-scale pan-cancer approach enables participants in the iCAN Flagship Project to perform groundbreaking research on tumor development, treatment resistance, and immune system interactions across various cancer types. Studies span across a wide range of cancers including major solid tumors, hematological, and pediatric malignancies.

The iCAN Flagship Project executes deep molecular profiling data from tumors and their microenvironment, where the standard profiling includes tumor and germline whole-exome sequencing, tumor bulk RNA sequencing, and immuno-oncologic profiling. Further bespoke profiling with e.g. single-cell sequencing, immunologic analyses, organoid models and liquid biopsies is performed from subsets of samples in iCAN subprojects.

iCAN discovery platform

iCAN Discovery Platform

The rich tumor profiling data is linked with rich longitudinal health registry data (FINDATA) and clinical data in the iCAN Discovery Platform hosted in the HUS Acamedic safe data environment and containing a comprehensive set of analysis tools and datasets. The platform is shared by all iCAN researchers to facilitate data sharing, benefit from common data analyses and act as a rapid software development platform for precision cancer medicine.