iCAN is a national research flagship providing solutions to the cancer challenge through a discovery and innovation cluster at the interface of precision cancer medicine and digital health. 

We do this through the unique iCAN digital precision cancer medicine platform, enabling the integration of cutting-edge molecular profiling information from tumors with rich longitudinal health data available in Finland.

The platform is utilized in the iCAN Flagship project, addressing e.g. tumor development in the context of the immune system or development of treatment resistance. The pan-cancer research project already has ongoing studies in colorectal, gastric, pancreatic, breast, lung, ovarian, renal, prostate, bladder, melanoma and pediatric solid cancers as well as myeloid leukemias, lymphomas and multiple myeloma.

Discoveries at the interface of precision cancer medicine and digital health

iCAN is executed as a partnership between academic research, healthcare system, life science industry partners and patients. It is a public-private-patient-partnership, forming a competence cluster with significant economic, educational, and societal impact. The active participation of patients at all levels is a key element of the flagship, ensuring impact and benefits to the patients. Partnerships with companies from pharma, biotech, and AI sectors are critical and enable the inclusion of early drug leads, new technologies, and new competencies.

iCAN leverages the unique strengths that Finland has in the areas of top-level cancer research, health registries, biobanks and digital health to provide solutions for the global cancer challenge.

iCAN is one of the Academy of Finland national research and innovation flagships for 2019-2026. The founding hosts of the iCAN flagship are the University of Helsinki and HUS Helsinki University Hospital with a goal for national reach within the National Cancer Center FICAN.