iCAN is hosted by the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital HUS.​

iCAN is based in the Academic Medical Center Helsinki housing the first Nordic OECI-accredited Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Faculty of Medicine, the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM and other parts of Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE, and Biomedicum Helsinki. 

  • Steering Board (SB):
    Is the high-level decision making & aligning with organizations strategies and commitments. Consists of representatives of founding partners UH and HUS, representatives of other partners and a patient representative
  • Extended Steering Board (ESB):
    Steering Board completed with company partner representative
  • Patient and Citizen Advisory Board – Potilas-ja kansalaisvaikuttamisen neuvottelukunta (POTKU):
    Oversees the patient engagement activities and ensures that patient views are integrated in the research plans and processes and in the development of PRO tools. The PCAB is nominated by the Steering Board.
  • Scientific and Impact Advisory Board (SIAB):
    An external group of national and international leading experts, providing statements and recommendations to iCAN on scientific matters and also on making  an impact for patients and partners. The SIAB is nominated by the Steering Board.
  • Scientific Director:
    Oversight the iCAN scientific operations, and keeps Steering Board notified of the Flagship’s scientific developments, generating the scientific agenda of the Scientific and Impact Advisory Board; and has the primary responsibility in regards international scientific partners. Scientific vice-director act as the deputy of the Scientific Director.
  • Flagship Executive Officer:
    Overall responsibility of implementation and management of the iCAN’s operations.
  • Host Executive Committee:
    Facilitates iCAN’s operations and provide support for the iCAN. The EC consists of the Scientific Director, Scientific Vice Director, and representatives from the PIs, projects, impact section, as well as the iCAN Office.
  • Extended Executive Committee:
    Host Executive Committee completed with company partner representative
  • iCAN Flagship Project Teams:
    Research teams involved in sample collection and analysis
  • iCAN Working Groups:
    Discuss and solve practicalities of iCAN Flagship Project operations
  • iCAN office:
    Administration of iCAN