Introducing new podcast miniseries about cancer research

Introducing new podcast miniseries about cancer research

What are the latest advances in cancer research and treatment? Listen to our new podcast miniseries to find out! The podcast is hosted by The Science Basement team who have semi-serious conversations with leading iCAN scientists.

Created as a collaboration between iCAN and the Science Basement, the miniseries sheds light on the current scientific understanding of cancer. The first episode will be published to honor World Cancer Day on February 4th. The rest of the miniseries, altogether five episodes, will be published during the spring months.

Latest insights into the science behind cancer

The miniseries tackles themes ranging from the basic questions of cancer (what would it take to beat cancer?) to current treatment options and their journey from research labs to patients (why does it take so long?); the newest in precision cancer medicine (how is treatment taken to a very personal level?); the use of artificial intelligence in cancer (can AI even help improve equality of treatment?) and all the way to futuristic views on cancer research (what is the role of creative scientists?).

The scientists interviewed in this podcast series are experts from different fields of cancer research, all involved in taking the multidisciplinary iCAN research forward. The Science Basement is a team of Helsinki-based researchers-in-training who share examples of how cool research is through their blog, podcast, and a variety of events – all great examples of interesting science communication.

iCAN x The Science Basement: Miniseries on cancer research

Listen to the Science Basement podcast on various platforms. Follow the links to tune in: SoundCloudSpotify and iTunes.