Mark World Cancer Day 2024 with us on Feb 1

World Cancer Day is celebrated annually on Feb 4. To mark the day, we are organizing an event in collaboration with the Finnish Cancer Center FICAN and the Association of Cancer Patients. Contrary to advance information (due to the strike on 1.-2.2.24) the event takes place only online. Please note all the talks, except for Prof. Lawler, and the panel are in Finnish. Welcome!

Program (subject to change)

17.00 Welcome, host Minna Kuukka

17.05 Patient perspective, Thomas Hackman

17.15 Cancer Mission – where do we stand in Finland? Prof. Tomi Mäkelä, Director (FICAN), Executive Director (iCAN)

17.30 European Groundshot: reimagining cancer research and its implementation across Europe, Prof. Mark Lawler, Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor of Digital Health, and Chair in Translational Cancer Genomics, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB)

17.45 Living with cancer and nevertheless, PhD Anu Viitala, Finnish Cancer Nurses Association

18.00-18.30 Panel discussion on the future prospects of cancer treatment and research in Finland

The panel includes Prof. Satu Mustjoki (Scientific Director, iCAN), PhD Anu Viitala (Finnish Cancer Nurses Association), Member of Parliament, Chair of the parliamentary cancer network Sari Sarkomaa (National Coalition Party), Chief Physician Timo Nykopp (FICAN), and PhD Jenni Tamminen-Sirkiä (Executive Director, Association of Cancer Patients in Finland).

18.30-19.30 Coffee, tea, and time for discussion

Join us to hear and discuss the current state and the future of cancer research and care in Finland – and Europe!

No registration is needed, but if you wish to have a calendar invite, click here. Otherwise tune in on Vimeo and join the discussion.

The event is organized by iCAN, FICAN, and the Finnish Cancer Patients Association.