Patient and citizen advisory board

Patients have a voice in our organization

That’s why we have incorporated patient representatives at every level of our governance structure.

Anu Niemi, Executive Director for the Europa Donna Finland, represents the voice of cancer patients on the iCAN Steering Board. She is an advocate for patient engagement in research, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring better quality of life and care for patients, better treatments outcomes, societal equality, and patient rights. We are also proud to have Bettina Ryll, PhD, a household name of European patient advocacy at our Scientific and Impact Advisory Board.

Patient and Citizen Advisory Board (PCAB)

Our Patient and Citizen Advisory Board (PCAB), also known as Potilas- ja kansalaisvaikuttamisen neuvottelukunta (POTKU) in Finnish, is an essential part of iCAN’s commitment to patient involvement. The board provides a platform for patients and researchers to exchange perspectives and priorities, fostering open dialogue and two-way interaction.

Comprised of ten members based in different regions of Finland, the PCAB serves as a crucial link between the broader public, citizens, cancer patients, patient organization, and iCAN. By representing several cancer patient organizations, they bring a diversity of perspectives and experiences to our work.

PCAB members

Matti Santalahti, chair
Ida Busk
Kristiina Huff
Tuuli Jokivartio-Toivonen
Riikka-Leena Manninen
Katja Tähkä
Aimo Strömberg
Anna-Liisa Valkama