Gut Club Meeting 2023

Lively discussions at the Gut Club Finland meeting

The first Gut Club Finland meeting, dedicated for researchers interested in the gastrointestinal biology, was held at 7.9.2023 in Hotel Haven, Helsinki. The meeting attracted nearly 60 participants from research groups from Viikki and Meilahti campuses, as well as from the Universities of Turku, Tampere and Jyväskylä.

Topics at the seminar ranged from mechanistic studies conducted by model organisms to biomarkers and therapy of gastrointestinal cancer, and active discussions took place in an excited but relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the presentations, lively discussions filled the rooms also during poster presentations. The meeting ended with a presentation by Dr. Toni Seppälä from iCAN describing the pursue towards molecularly targeted therapies for gastrointestinal cancer through profiling of patient derived organoids.

Given the positive response by the participants, the organizers are expecting continuation for the Gut Club Finland in the coming years.

Gut Club Finland was organized in collaboration with the Digital Precision Cancer Medicine Platform iCAN and the Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism MetaStem.

Text: Saara Ollila & Jaakko Mattila

Photos: Reeta Huhtala