World Cancer Research Day 2023

World Cancer Research Day 2023

In short: On the World Cancer Research Day (Sep 24), we want to thank all the sample donors for their invaluable gift to research. Without you, there would be no iCAN research. Together we strive for better treatments and future for all affected by cancer. #WorldCancerResearchDay

Biobank research towards new discoveries and better cancer treatment

iCAN research is very much biobank research. We obtain treatment and health information and samples from consenting individuals – most of whom have cancer – for analysis through the Helsinki Biobank and the Hematology Biobank. We receive the data and samples pseudonymised, which means that the identity of the person providing the sample remains confidential.

We will perform molecular profiling of tumour samples and collect data in the project’s secure environment for use by researchers. We want to accelerate scientific work and find better ways to beat cancer as quickly as possible. For example, we are investigating how the human immune system can help identify and kill cancer cells, or how to prevent resistance.

Much of our research is basic research. As the motto of Helsinki Biobank says: “Today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment”, meaning that new discoveries may not necessarily help those who have given their samples for research. However, we are looking for ways to transmit tumour profiling data to the treatment units of the cancer patients who have provided samples. This is not an easy task, but we are actively looking for solutions.

Greetings from the researchers: “Don’t give up!” “A warm thank you to all the brave patients for participating in various studies to help their fellow fatalities <3” “THANK YOU!” “A warm thank you! Without active patients we would not have research. Thank you! <3” “A warm thank you for participating in the research <3 You are important!” “Thank you for your help <3” “Baie Dankie!” “Thank you a thousand times for your participation!” “Thank you! Tack!” “Thank you! Thank you! Patients and families! A special thank you on behalf of iCAN-PEDI to the children & young people who participated in our study! In iCAN we together can <3”

On a common journey

Being diagnosed with cancer is a stopping point for both the person affected and those close to them. Some of our researchers do not meet you in their everyday work. Through our patient-researcher meetings, we increase opportunities to meet and talk.

Without you, who trust us with your samples and information, there would be no research. On World Cancer Research Day (24 September), we would like to thank you warmly for your trust!


Biobank consent is voluntary. You can read more about biobanking on the websites of Helsinki Biobank and Hematological Biobank.

Although at the moment you can only submit your samples to iCAN studies mainly through these two banks, there are other cancer studies in our country that receive samples from biobanks in their area, so by giving your consent you can support cancer research in our country more widely.

World Cancer Research Day 2023

Researchers’ greetings: today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment. Thank you to the biobank contributors <3!” “THANK YOU!”

(From the opening photo:) “Thank you for your great collaboration and support of the research!” “Patients and donors, THANK YOU!” “Thank you for contributing to the road to better treatments!”